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Thread: Looking for advice on setting the display on my Wii.

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    Looking for advice on setting the display on my Wii.

    Hello guys,

    I have a softmodded Wii, I used the softmod any Wii guide.

    I'm not sure if all Wii's have such bad resolution or if its only mine?

    Even now I am about 3 meters away without my glasses on and can see the lines across the screen, its even worse when I play about 2 meters away and I have my glasses on.

    Also I tested out some videos in WiiMC, you cant make out any detail at all. For example if there is someone in the background you cant even see their face, its just a few blocks of shaddows and in action scenes you cant tell what is going on or something like a gun or knife on the ground will just be a dark spot and you don't know what it is.

    Any advice on how to fix the display would be great, or then again maybe all Wii's are like this?


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    If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, it also has a flicker as well only noticeable on some edges of words/shapes on the screen.

    Ill try and take some pictures.

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    Pics would help. I am one of those 157 viewers that had nothing helpful to say. Since we have no idea what exactly it looks like, its kind of tough to even attempt to provide a solution. Whatever the issue is, its not a problem caused by modding that we are familiar with.

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    I just took a couple of pics of a game, apart from the refresh rate and thick dark lines they are good enough to see what I am talking about.

    Ill take some pics of normal TV to compare it to.

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