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Thread: skylander froze my usbloader can anyone help me?

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    Question skylander froze my usbloader can anyone help me?

    I hope I'm not asking something allready answered. I have checked the site but I got more confused. I'm not very much wii/computer savvy, but I was able to manage to hack our wii with the help of the internet ( I guess last year or so). My 7 yo got skylander last month for his b-day and he installed it while I wasn't home. Now the skylander is working just fine, we are able to play games from the cd but the usb loader is not working, so we can't play any backup games. When we try usbloader everything just frozes. Its not even possible to turn off the wii without unplugging. I tried to search the site and what I understand now is the cd has upgraded the system and I have to change the cIOS (whatever that is) again?? I have absolutely no idea whether I got it right ond if ıts the case how to do it? Could anyone please describe me how to ( please in a how to do for dummies sort of a way)? Or if there is any thread in this forum which I couldn't find could you please point me that direction.. Thanks for all help..

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    I think your son may of accepted an update, or you probably have a way outdated softmod and need to re-softmod so you're able to play the latest games.
    Either way we'll get you to post a system check so we can have a look what's installed on your wii, then we can go from there.
    Read this, then post results here.

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    Thanks a lot . I will do the system check and post it as instructed.


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