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Thread: Virtual Console & Wiiware games via USB-loader Possible

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    Virtual Console & Wiiware games via USB-loader Possible

    Hi guys, i finally hacked my Wii, got wiiflow running perfectly.
    just wanted to know is there away i can load all my VC and Wiiware games and play them via a USB-loader like Wiiflow or USB-loader GX

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    Yes! This will set you everything.Link--->Wiiflow Nand Emulation Guide

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    this looks like a good thread to ask this ........... i decided to try installing wiiware to my emulated nand via show miiwads. everything seemes fine at first glance, but the games seem to be freezing at totaly random points.have the newest version of wii flow. any sugestions on what could be causing this or what setting to tweek to fix it?


    ***update*** i think it might actually be a bug in wiifllow. i tried usb loader gx and directed it to wiiflows nand files and the games seem to be working fine.
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