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Thread: Twilight doesnt work.....???

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    Twilight doesnt work.....???

    Trying to do twilight hack, but my twilight game doesnt work, it only says that game cannot be rund in this system, and something... wut do do???

    im running on 3.3e...
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    It could be a defective disc. Try renting or buying another game. Also, here's the link on what 3.3 and 3.4 will do to your wii.

    3.3 blocks wad manager while 3.4 blocks everything.

    You can downgrade also with this tutorial

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    got it to 3.1e... now gamma loader gives me error #002 at need 4 speed uc...

    solution was changing better quality dvd with super scratchproof....

    Now trying to get over from the #002, is there file for that in eoc.rar?

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    get it to 3.2e and then let us know whats wrong


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