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Thread: WAD Manager ERROR Please Help

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    WAD Manager ERROR Please Help

    I am very sorry and I am sure posts like this have been on here countless amounts of times, but I can not find another place that can help me

    I just soft modded my wii with your guide and everything ran smoothly! Now I am trying to run WAD Manager 1.4 through HBC. I did everything I was told to do. I formatted the sd card, put the Wad manager folder in the apps folder with the boot.dol file. I get an error message when it is retrieving file list... ERROR (ret = -1). I tried using DVDx to downgrade IOS35, but that doesn't help either

    I searched this board for what seems like hours for a solution. I found this page but the link for the file says PAGE NOT FOUND.

    I am running a version 4.1U

    Any help would be much appreciated. Again, I apologize but I can not find anything, any site, or youtube video that can help me here. Please, I have no idea what to do here

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    Why not to use this guide ?
    btw - try to use WAD Manager 1.7

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    That is the guide I used. I updated my IOS using that guide. I wonder if that's why wad manager is not loading. I will try 1.7 now and let you know if it works. Thanks for your reply though! I was afraid no one would get back to me hahaha

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    BEERFIELD! 1.7 worked. Wow, I feel like an idiot. Thank you SOOOOO much for helping.

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    Sorry about that. I should know not to double post.

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