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Thread: Black screen after loading!

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    Black screen after loading!

    Currently I'm having trouble with the Wiiflow. After getting the LOZ wind waker iso, I decided to try and play the game. However when I went into the option to play the game through the SD port on Wiiflow. The game itself wouldn't start after I pressed the play buttion. Currently I have the IOS 249. Thank you for your help.

    Edit: I was wondering if I did something wrong or if there's a way to play the game. Also if there's a compatibility list/chart that could tell me if I could play this game or not. Thank you.
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    Is the game of your region? Try to change in in program Wii Region changer. see your game in this list Wii Region Patcher Compatibility List: NTSC-US - WikiTemp
    Try to play from HDD

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    Isn't it a GC game?
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