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Thread: 2 wii games freeze when I install using 2 loaders

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    2 wii games freeze when I install using 3 loaders

    I'm too tired. 2 AM here whoops. Will post syscheck later when I feel better after wake up -_-

    On WiiFlow and USB Config (didn't use USB Loader GX cuz I can't find install there), 2 games I tried to install into my 8 GB USB stick (my ext HD broke now, read my intro post ). They freeze at certain % every time I tried to install 2 games (New Super Mario Bros Wii and DanceDance Revolution 2) 5x. It worked on my ext HD before but not on USB stick. I just want to save it and burn it on DVD-R be4 my kids damage disc one day. O_o

    Those discs are kinda/little scratched. Does it has to do with scratched disc during install the game? I wonder about it. It did install before w/ scratched disc.

    Ugh. its late.. gotta sleep... tried to use search "game install freeze" no luck. sorry

    *edit* used USB Loader GX, still no luck.

    **Mods/Admin, can u please delete this post? I can't manually delete it myself. -_- There's similiar in "post syscheck here"
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