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    how to get the roms to show up?????

    I got the 1.5bb wiiengine

    the app opens up ....

    I have stacked the roms (all of them) into root of sd : / roms / pcengine/ like the installation said....

    not working and showing up at all...

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    I've gotten the emulator to play the roms nice and crispy-like with the help of a blog post made by someone who bothered to make a Practical and Clearly Explained (keywords in boldface) tutorial... External Link Removed My problem is getting it to see my usb drive. The option to load from sd or usb does not appear; and when i copied the apps/wiiengine and roms/pcengine folders over to the usb and loaded via hb channel i got an error and was redirected to the loader. Any ideas anyone?
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    First, we don't allow links to external sites. Second, this thread is almost a year old. I'm closing it.
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