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Thread: Need help with my wii :s

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    Need help with my wii :s

    Hello everyone i have my wii sofimoded,and a long time a go i played with usb but now i dont remeber where i put my external usb ,so i have usb loader and neogama too to run sd cards,but today i downloaded the mw3 and wbfs conveted it do sd card but it on wii dont load,can anyone help me lload a game from sd card? my wii is 4.3e remeber that i already runned this game on usb

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    I was recently told on here that there is no way to run a wii game on an sd card unless you use Neogamma but some people like yourself have reported problems doing so.

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    First, your wii is not bricked, so this is the wrong forum. I'm moving it now. When you say downloaded, do you mean ripped from your original copy?


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