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Thread: What Media Player should use with Homebrew?

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    What Media Player should use with Homebrew?


    I have a newer Wii ( BLACK ). I just successively installed HOMEBREW. Using the following instructions... As you can see from the youtube page the video creator goes on with 2 more videos. Of things I'm not sure I really need or want??? So here is my problem.

    I have a Wii.
    2 GB SD card formatted with FAT or FAT32.
    Homebrew channel in place and working.
    I used Letterbomb to do the DL and these instructions 4 the install.
    BTW, my laptop is 64 bit, windows 7, w/ high speed ISP.
    I ALSO HAVE A 1TB EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE FROM Seagate {Goflex} without wifi. That I have MOVIES on.

    ~ So what Homebrew/ bootmii compatible app can I use to watch movies from my EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE on my Wii ?????
    Please is at all poss can u plz include step by step instruction.
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    Thank u. Where can I find a step by step instructions on install? Sorry if I'm coming a cross as to needie. I just don't wanna screw anything up.


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