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Thread: can my wii read a usb flash memory as memory blocks?

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    can my wii read a usb flash memory as memory blocks?

    My wiis available blocks are now next to none, i think i have about 4 blocks free. The problem is my wiis sd card slot doesnt work so everything I do I do it via usb flash drive. my question is, is there a way to make the wii convert the 2 gb flash memory into system blocks? I am running my system on 4.3u.

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    I suppose there is no possibility to do that.
    Have you thing about replacing broken sd card slot?

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    there is no way to convert a usb thumb drive to memory blocks. you could delete some old save games that you dont play anymore. Some saves take up massive amounts of space. do you need all the channels you have? are you using a forwarder for the USB? sounds almost like you need to do a general cleanup like you would on your computer.


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