Well let's just say I have a lot of back up's and I've never actually had a problem game that I couldn't figure out how to get to work. But Umbrella Chronicles goes straight to a black screen, and RE0 goes to the menu and freezes. I've read about ways to make RE0 work and honestly I don't really care as much as I used too, I'm more concerned with Umbrella Chronicles working for now...I have the most updated versions of Neogamma & Wiiflow. Can somebody at least tell me what loader they use for Umbrella Chronicles? And what IOS did they need? I checked the "What to do if a game is not working" topic and it directed me to a not found page when I went to go to the "Find out what IOS the game needs" topic. Believe me when I say, I have spent so much time googling how to make Umbrella Chronicles work and never found a working solution, I have seen a lot of other people have the same problem though.

Thank you to who ever took the time to read this, haha.