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Thread: out of internal memory! any suggestions?

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    out of internal memory! any suggestions?

    Ive recently downloaded a lot of vc games wads, but my wiis internal memory is now depleted. is there any way to expand the memory via usb flash drives? or perhaps to launch the wads directly from the sd card?. Ive tried moving the vc wads to the sd card and launching them from there but all i get is a ¨launch failed¨ im thinking its because the vc games werent originally downloaded to my console, i read in the forum that you had to reinstall ios60, ios70, but DOP Mii freezes as soon as i launch it. any idea is welcome, i have a lot more vc games to install and I dont want to have to delete any to make room for the rest. oh btw im using system 4.3u

    thanks in advance and sorry...I am a noob

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    Better read the forum rules. We don't support piracy here.

    Thread Closed.

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