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Thread: Urgent help on removing WIIFLOW and USB LOADER and Reinstalling the latest versions

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    Urgent help on removing WIIFLOW and USB LOADER and Reinstalling the latest versions

    Hi - I have both USB Loader and WIIFLOW which are few months old. Now I want to install the latest versions including forwarders as the old ones do not have the forwarders and I have to go to HBC to load.

    • I downloaded the latest WIIFLOW files but not sure what to do with them
    • I also downloaded the latest USB loader files (USBLoader_GX_Vx_x_, ) and followed the installation guide -= when I load the forwarders usiign WAD manager I get -1029 error and when I load the USB loader I get the black screen with all sorts of MATRIX like numbers and DUMP and DSI Error.

    Below are screen shots of my SD card - please need help in deleting all the old files and installing the latest versions of USB loader and WIIFLOW and also any other such similar software that plays games from my HDD. I need step by step instructions as I am not a very smart person

    Also few other questions where any help will be appreciated.

    (1) My wii home screen does not have enough channels and looks bland - even if Install 1-2 channels for WIIFLOW and USB loader, it will have some empty spaces
    (2) I am in bangalore iNdia and Wii is not sold legally in our country - and hence I cannot choose Bangalore as one of the cities in the FORECAST channel. Is it possible to choose bangalore?

    Thanks in advance for all your help! Its summer holidays for my kids and now they are cursing me for screwing up the old WIIFLOW and USB loader and they are not able to play games off the HDD..hence the urgent request!!!!!
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