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Thread: Playstation emulator and neo geo cd emulator

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    Playstation emulator and neo geo cd emulator

    Now I understand how to install the actual emulator on t my homebrew channel, but what I don't get at all is were to get real games and how to set up the folders on my SD card.

    I see both Playstation n neo geo CD "roms" on all the regular Internet sites I download all my regular rooms(SNES N64) from but I'm pretty sure those are not what I'm supposed to be getting for my wii.

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    Ripping the CD's you legally own for your PSX and NGCD is the best and easiest way. If you don't own any then you would be pirating and WiiHacks doesn't support piracy. There are many guides on the internet on how to rip your games for these consoles.
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    Ought thank you that's pretty legit cus I don't like downloading roms n they com all messed up.


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