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Thread: usb loader gx 3.0 manually update

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    usb loader gx 3.0 manually update


    after i updated from 2.3 to 3.0 it seems i have 2 channels. One for just launch the usb loader, and one that only works with the sd card in it.

    should that be correct after my update?

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    It sounds like you have one full channel and one forwarder channel. I would keep the forwarder channel. It should find the app on your usb device if you do not want to keep the sd card in.

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    Thank u for answer!

    Yes, i aggre, the forwarder chl is better.

    Anyway...had an nightmare of fixing it lol. Not so used with all the options...

    What i did: i tried to just delete everything at my usb but it couldnt remove the config map hum..hum... solution i thought, format the usb with easyuspartitionmaster to Fat32+wbfs instead of NTFS+wbfs. Went fine! After...hum..i plugged the usb to the wii, the wii kept delete my usb loader gx files, lol?? And i couldnt see my mods at my sdcard when i had fat32 in the usb, very wierd :s I had panic...what to do....what to do...

    SOLUTION! Read on if your usb suits with easypartitionsmaster and format in windows diskmanager

    Now everything works with this usb. But its fun after when u have to fix and trix. Then u learn "pieces in the puzzle"


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