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Thread: Config. USB Loader

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    Lightbulb Config. USB Loader

    my 4.3e freezes upon loading a game via usb.

    i installed softmod and follewed the procedure from site.

    can someone help me what sould i do?

    i already have Hermes' IOS222/223 & d2x.

    still doesnt load, and my original cd's cant be read anymore. i tried 3 different usb loaders & still nothing.
    heres the part when it freezes.

    please could somebody help me. im having a hard time doing this for about 2weeks..
    thanks in advance.

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    Are the games for your region?

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    how do i know if its for my region? sorry im total noob. heres my syscheck sir.


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    Quote Originally Posted by beaterkz View Post
    how do i know if its for my region? sorry im total noob. heres my syscheck sir.


    Im not sure what country you are from.

    If you look here: File:PAL-NTSC-SECAM.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You can see your region, if you are trying to play PAL games on a NTSC console or vice versa it will not work.

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    ive seen my region. but what will i refer to, my own region or the version of the wii?

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    The region of your game and console match. Try loading using 249. If that doesn't work you have a could have a bad rip. One question though...can you even hear your dvd drive spin up when you insert a disc? If the drive is completely shot, nothing is going to work, even usb loaders.

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    yes. i do hear sounds like somewhat its like loading someting from dvd drive. does it shows that theres no poblem with my console? and what i need is better usb's?


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