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Thread: 2nd USB Port Unusable

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    2nd USB Port Unusable

    I'm using USB Loader GX 2.2c & loading games from HDD connected to the 1st USB port. I can't use the 2nd port for anything else especially my wired mic. So I can't play any karaoke games.

    I read somewhere that it's a matter of firmware version or loader type. I'm not confident enough to do on my own.

    I live in Selangor, Malaysia & looking for any modder I can send to.

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    You prob just need to run game with a compatible cios. Check the problem games thread for your game and make sure you are doing what it says to do

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    how about using a simple multi USB port device?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slimercanada View Post
    how about using a simple multi USB port device?
    already tried, wouldn't work

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    I think you should be using IOS 222 by Hermes. Just saying, I may be wrong.
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