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Thread: Bought a Wii

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    Bought a Wii

    Hey guys, I'm from Australia and 32 years old.

    It was only by chance that I ended up here, I really wasn't considering buying a gaming console at all.

    The reason I bought a Wii... I have a lot of AA batteries that I want to use and don't have enough things to use them in.
    So $48 + postage later I ended up here at This is the one I bought from eBay here (no idea why it only has 1 remote and 7 nunchucks).

    So I plan to soft mod it, I just want to be able to store games and movies on USB really but I am sure once I start Ill find more and more things mod.

    I have made a few posts already before posting here but thought I'd introduce myself also.

    My nephews also have a Wii and will lend me some games, and I'll probably buy some as well.

    So far I plan to buy GoldenEye 007 and I am still looking at a lot of others on youtube like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Super Smash Bro Brawl, and some others I cant think of off the top of my head right now. Ill check out the game section of here too and look at some recommended games.

    Nice to be here and thanks for the great site with tons of helpful people and info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2DIE View Post
    The reason I bought a Wii... I have a lot of AA batteries that I want to use and don't have enough things to use them in.
    2DIE, that sir is the strangest reason I have ever heard for getting a Wi. Makes no sense, whatsoever. That being said, have fun with it. Once your batteries are dead what are you going to do? Guess it doesnt really matter to me, but welcome to WiiHack anyways!!! LOL

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    Well I have 60 Energizer Ultimate Lithium, 16 DSE alkaline, 20 Varta alkaline, 16 Panasonic Evolta LSD rechargeable, 12 Sanyo Eneloop LSD rechargeable.

    The Energizers last for 15 years, the alkalines will last about 5 years, the Evolta and Eneloop last 1500-1600 recharges so they will probably outlast the Wii.

    So far I just have a electric toothbrush, a RC handset and a few flashlights that uses them.

    Thanks for the welcome!

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    from the sounds of it the wii you bought probably cost more than all the batteries you have

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    more like the other way around. rechargables are expensive in Canada at least. 15 bucks for 4 of them.

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    @ mickk

    Energizer Ultimate Lithium are worth $20-25 for a packet of 4, thats $5+ each. So if I bought 60 in the shops thats $300 just there.
    It cost about $50 for my newest 8 pack of LSD Panasonic Evolts, they are only available in Japan. The 8 pack before them cost $32.
    The LSD Sanyo Eneloops cost about $20 per 4 pack, thats $60 worth of Eneloops.

    The alkalines were cheap(ish), without counting them its $442 worth of AA batteries.

    The Wii cost me $48 + $25 postage

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    and you will have some fun with them. as opposed to just shoving them in a TV remote.


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