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Thread: Manually Upgrade / fresh install your Configurable USB Loader without losing anything

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    Manually Upgrade / fresh install your Configurable USB Loader without losing anything

    Hi Everyone,

    I made a little manual on how to manually upgrade / fresh install Config USB Loader from an older version to the current latest v70, so that your settings reflect the latest settings/enhancements of Config USB Loader without having any leftover garbage from past setups. I was hoping everyone could take a look at it... and please critique.


    Note, I have heard and found out that Config USB Loader defaults to cios 249 and not 248 like some/I have used in the past. So... you might try installing D2X V8-final like this as per the D2X install manual on Wiihacks

    Cios [base] , revision 21008
    247[37], rev 21008
    248[58], rev 21008
    249[56], rev 21008
    250[57], rev 21008

    Config usb loader wants base 56 to start, otherwise it will just not see the usb harddrive,
    so ensure that your default cios within Config USB Loader starts on Base 56, like 249[base 56] in the setup above.
    Your default cios setting for Config seems to come from
    "ios=249" within sd:/apps/
    USBLoader_cfg/meta.xml and
    "ios = 249" within sd:/usb-loader/config.txt

    To do a fresh reinstall of Config USB Loader, backup your old sd:/apps/USBLoader and sd:/usb-loader to somewhere
    then remove/move those folders. Do a fresh download of Config USB Loader and
    put into sd:/apps/USBLoader and sd:/usb-loader respectively.

    Copy back from the backup of the old sd:/usb-loader these files/folders
    sd:/usb-loader/covers to sd:/images

    edit sd:/usb-loader/settings.cfg with Wordpad and change any references to older custom ios's to reflect the new ios, you just installed. For example on mine, I would change ios 248(old base 56) to ios 249(new base 56) and ios 247(old base 57) to ios 250(new base 57). I did this on game (SC7E52) COD SpeOps.

    Seems the latest version of Config USB Loader now puts there cover images into sd:/images. So ensure the old sd:/usb-loader/covers is now sd:/images. My hopes are that we can share cover images between loaders, that would be cool


    If anyone could add their comments, that would be great. Goal is to make "brain dead" easy notes to install/upgrade to stable Config USB Loader operations.
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    Hi twtwitter. I'm real happy you are having fun educating yourself and others, I run CFG 70 249 & GX 3.0 250 I change the config files to make this happen. And yes you can use one set of images for different loaders. Once I set my images to the correct path in CFG configurator and save the file. I open GX loader look through the settings then change the cover paths to the same as CFG. No need for multiple copies of covers on my hard drives.
    There are some great comments And Tutorials on here explaining CFG config settings. I'm at work ATM can't find the links.
    Keep it up buddy. Nothing is gospel but opinions and findings are interesting reads.

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