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Thread: Newbie needs help.. if you find time to help, it would be greatly appreciated

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    Newbie needs help.. if you find time to help, it would be greatly appreciated

    Firstly, I have read over previous posts and followed some directions accordingly, so if this post is trite I apologize.

    I have a external hard drive connected to my Wii so i can download .iso's and play them. I know how to use WBFS manager or whatever its called, it's pretty simple.. I have Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Resident Evil Revelations working flawlessly... I use the latest CFG (configurable usb loader) and have had no problems

    However now I try to do the same with COD MW3 and am having troubles... I've scoured the internet and most posts say I have to have the proper cIOS installed in order to run the game.. Ive installed both cIOS 250_57 and cIOS 224_57... however in the usb loader, Ill select the cIOS (ive tried both 250 and 224) to run with the game, and the same thing happens... a black and white screen (the screen which tells u to put the wii mote strap on securely) then nothing... What steps do I need to take to get this game working?

    Again if anyone can guide me on how to get this working it would be greatly appreciated... Im not the one who did in fact soft mod my wii, i just know the basic principles and it has worked so far, except on this game...

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    downloading .iso's is not only illegal but also talking about it (or even helping someone with it) is against this sites rules...maybe u should read them...definatly not a good way to start your first post here...

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    sorry for my post then... ill search elsewhere... thanks though


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