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Thread: BootMii nand backup question!

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    Question BootMii nand backup question!

    A concern regarding bootmii, I want to make a new nand back up but I want something clarified. I have a back up that i've made from a while ago, now I want to make a new one since things have changed. I want to know if I can go ahead and make a new back up and if boot mii will overwrite the current one one my sd card or should I just move the current one on my sd card to my computer and create a new one, also is the bootmii keys.bin file supposed to be 1kb in size? Thanks for any help!

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    Yes it will overwrite it. I like to keep various copies of my nand so I just label them all and back them up on my pc. 1kb is correct for keys.bin.

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    If you have already done a NAND backup from when you originally modded your Wii, there is NO need to do another backup, really... The advantage of the NAND backup done before you have done the mod is so you can go backwards and unbrick your Wii. If you mess up your current Wii, just remod it again, writting over top. It just takes a few hours but then you know you have redone everything.

    Now, the other reason for your original NAND backup is you can use it to make Mightly Channels, which is really cool. Using a copy of your NAND backup, you can create a "virtual" Wii that works perfectly on your system and you can import tonnes of Virtual Console games and such, onto your usb harddrive and have fun playing lots of old school and VC games. That's it. There is no need to make another NAND backup once you have done it. But most importantly DON'T LOSE YOUR NAND BACKUP. It's perfect and you should always keep it. If you brick your Wii, you will need your NAND backup to unbrick it.


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