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Thread: Issue(s) with USB Loader and games

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    Issue(s) with USB Loader and games

    So, yesterday I formatted my Wii to update it which was unsuccessful and I am still running 4.2U. I followed the guide on the site (link here) and I am able to play only a few games off of my HDD. I tried loading the 3 Tiger Woods games I have ( 2010, 2011, 2012) and all of them lead me to a black screen which forces me to press and hold the "reset" button for 10 seconds for the Wii to power down and repeat. Games such as Mario Super Sluggers and Skate It load just fine and I have all of the settings at default which I figured may be the issue but I was not wanting to touch them until a suggestion or two was given. Also, they have worked before on my Wii and this just happened yesterday so I know they are loaded on their properly, and the HDD is formated in WBFS if that matters to anyone.

    Anyways, thanks in advance!

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    WBFS isn't recommended anymore, use the Fat32 guide and put all the games on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko1000Marko View Post
    WBFS isn't recommended anymore, use the Fat32 guide and put all the games on it.
    Well, I made it 3 games deep on the transfer and a super upset girlfriend decided to delete every .ISO file I had transferred over. Now I was semi-smart about it and burnt them to discs, but when I place them in my computer, they come up as unrecognized and I cannot explore the folder and yes, I used IMGBURN to do this as I always figured better safe than sorry.

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    Advice, I would start with work on the Girl Friend, ensure that department is good first

    Then I would just get some other usb harddrive and put all your games on it using fat32. Playing with backup cd's is just a pain... you don't want to be there. Config USB Loader seems to work well. Wii Backup Manager is good as well.

    Oh, and you might trying asking your GF what games she likes and make sure she has some of her games on the Wii as well.

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