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Thread: Details Regarding Wii U OS

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    Details Regarding Wii U OS

    Rumours have emerged online relating to the Wii U operating system, which is described as “huge” and “never seen before on a normal home system”. The source who claims to have knowledge of the OS states that Nintendo has reserved at least 512 MB of RAM for the operating system alone. Nintendo hasn’t shown of the system’s operating system, leaving only developers privy to such information. We should get a closer look at the user interface and the system’s capabilities in the next couple of weeks.

    Source- NeoGaf

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    The PS3 only gave 512MB for the games! So really, does that matter?

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    Does what matter? Lol, if the wii is giving 512MB just for the OS, I'm wondering if the video graphics may have an available 1GB RAM to play around with!

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    Yea that's what I'm saying! The PS3 only had 512 MB for the graphics card and all the fanboys fawn over it's graphical prowess. So I really wonder how powerful the Wii U is going to be.


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