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Thread: Problem after updating cIOS...

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    Problem after updating cIOS...

    So, I just decided to update my outdated cIOS with the d2x update, because I was going to load up a new game I had just burned. Once I update with base 56 on IOS259 and base 57 on IOS250 (like a guide had said to do), I started getting errors with my NeoGamma R8 (error 1167) so, naturally, I tried using the latest version of that, but I'm running into similar errors (DVD+r/bad burn/DL problem?). I get these errors for games I have previously played fine as well as this new one, so it's not the disc. Anyone know how to solve this? should I revert to older cIOS, and if so, which should I be installing in 249 and 250?

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    Just gonna add that the important error is the Disc error 1167 as I don't want to use the R9 of NeoGamma yet.


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