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Thread: Black screen with bricked wii.

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    Black screen with bricked wii.

    Hi guys,

    I have my wii for several years. I let it bricked by a guy 4 years ago. It with a chip (or something like that, that was put inside the wii)) and now i have a peace of plastic sticking out of my wii at the back.

    Now when i launch mario party 9 i don't get farther then a black screen at the start of the game.

    Now when i explored the site i found some nice info about updating the ios etc.

    But now i have some question before i start :
    - Do i have to do that (cause i see that you have to do that when you use usb loader(i think )).
    - can i switch without any problem to the usb loader system? Or do i have to remove the chip
    - How can i know what ios version is on my wii, what chip was used? Cause when i read the forum i must specify that. But i have no clue how to get to that info.
    - ...

    Wii info

    I looked on the site and enterred my serial number and this is what i get for result


    • There is a 66% chance the chipset is GC2-D2E.
    • And there is also a 34% chance the chipset is GC2-D2C2 (v2) and the drive has the new metal clip.

    I think my wii firmware version is Ver. 3.1E (i found it and the right corner in my system menu of the wii)

    Hope that helps

    How did i mensioned that i'm a newbie in this area?

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