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Thread: My first Wii Problem.

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    My first Wii Problem.

    Well first I hope this is in the right section, the site is really complex and Im new here.
    To the main point, my Wii suddenly stopped playing "copied" CD's, I think u guys call em "backup CD's". Anyways, it always worked fine, it played copied CDs for over 2 years now and not a single problem occurred until one day it displays an error message reading "Most likely no DVD-Rs possible" on my NeoGamma which is version R9 beta 32, so I looked up some threads and how to fix I ended up downloading the newest NeoGamma which I believe is R9 Beta56 but a different error message appears when I play my CD's and that is "Drive too new for DVD-Rs". I went through the forum earlier looking to find a solution, let me just say its not the new drive, its not a Black/Red/Blue wii,. Please help, is there a specific version of NeoGamma that might help fix or play the CD'?

    I feel like such a dummy coming all of a sudden to the forum demanding answers, but Im really begging and much appreciated if helped or not.
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    Nope, it gives me the "?" mark with "Unable to read the disc Check the Wii Operations Manual for Help Troubleshooting".

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    Sounds like a dead drive.

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    What is a "dead drive" and how can I fix it if possible?

    Edit: I just checked what a dead drive is, apparently ur Wii wont take in or eject CD's. Mine still does that, so I guess we eliminated the "Dead drive" possibility???
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    Hey RedPunk, It may still take the disc in but can you hear it spinning up ? If originals are not reading, You may have A DEAD DRIVE. you need to explore a little more. What backup games have you been playing, You may have just worn out the drive. You may still have the option to run games from a Hard drive. Have you looked at the mod any wii tutorial. Maybe your mod is so far out of touch an update remod may sort you out, How much experience have you got ?

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