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Thread: Article: USB Loader GX 3.0

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    Article: USB Loader GX 3.0

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    Anything else new?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Hack View Post
    Anything else new?
    You can now start it without the HDD.
    <----- Click thanks if I helped!

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    Cant wait to update! This is my first choice usb loader by a long shot! Thanks for the great work to those involved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Hack View Post
    Anything else new?
    Check the changelog, plenty of new stuff & bug fixes - r1180 - usbloader-gui - USB Loader GX: GUI for Waninkoko´s USB Loader (based on libwiigui) - Google Project Hosting
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    I'm annoyed that I have to reapply settings to some of my games to make them run correctly since the old config files don't work, but this seems to be a very nice update. Can't believe it plays GameCube games (according to the change log)!

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    Wasent there something that was sopposed to emulate the GGN Controller with the wii mote ... What became of that?

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    I upgraded... Haven't got a chance to properly check everything but it's looking good so far!

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    How do you manualy update USB Loader to 3.0

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