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Thread: MW3 Cheats Error (exception (DSI) occurred!)

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    Unhappy MW3 Cheats Error (exception (DSI) occurred!)

    I downloaded MW3 off the internet and put it on an external HDD and opened it up in coverfloader. (1 feature on coverfloader is that you can download the cheat file for that game.) So I went to manage the cheats then it came up with a black screen.

    For the moment I gave up on cheats and attempted to play the game without cheats (the game did not work but soon after I fixed it). After playing the game a short while I wanted to hack it again but same ERROR!!!

    when I had CISO249,rev14,base35 the game nor the cheats worked. But when I upgraded to CISO249,rev20,base75 only the game worked


    ciso details - ciso249,rev20,base75
    usbloader - coverfloader V1.3
    game ID - SM8P52

    cheats work on other games and I have also tried to change the game ID

    Thank you for your help

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    Better read the rules man, Wii Hacks doesn't condone Piracy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Dalpiaz View Post
    Better read the rules man, Wii Hacks doesn't condone Piracy.
    We don't support cheating either.

    Thread closed.


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