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Thread: Having problems getting games to load on USB Loader GX

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    Having problems getting games to load on USB Loader GX

    Okay, my sister wanted me to mod her 4.3U Wii and I have done so. Homebrew is on there and it runs fine. I hooked up my own hard drive to it and it didn't see it then I realized I needed to put Rev 14 or 15 on there and I did both because I wasn't sure and it read mine fine. She got a 2TB Seagate GoFlex external hard drive for me to put games on. I used Partition Wizard to make it similar to mine with three partitions, one 12GB for Wii files such as USB Loader, MMM, SNES and such. That partition I made as FAT32 and a Primary. The other two I made 932 and 918 also as primary and FAT32 but then formatted just those two through WBFS Manager so now they are primary but considered Other instead of FAT32 like my own says. I then copied my hard drive to hers and then attached it. The Wii loads, USB Loaders loads and I can see the games....but I click on a game and only get a black screen. I've tried to load IOS 222, 223, and 249 and the same thing happens. The only difference I can tell is on my own hard drive when I go to switch partitions on the Wii, it sees all three, the FAT32 partition and the other two...when I was on hers, it only saw the last two. What am I missing and dear God, don't tell me I need to reformat. I hope I've given enough information but if not, let me know.

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    Yeah you need to reformat.
    I don't know what softmod guide did you follow, but if you want help, you'll need to do it all over again. Go here

    And follow it. Don't format the wii or anything, just follow that guide. If you already have HBC, it's gonna be a lot easier.
    When you're done with re-softmodding, format the whole hard drive to FAT32. No partitions what so ever.
    When you did that, put all your files on the root of the HDD. The same way it would be on the SD card, but delete everything in the USB Loader GX folder except boot.dol, meta.xml and icon.png.

    You are now good to go, just plug it in your wii and click the little plus on the lower left part of the screen and add the game.
    If you have any ISO backups on your computer, make a folder called "WBFS" on the root, without the quotes, ​and then use Wii Backup Manager to add games like you would normally.
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    I only have games in my other hard drive and it's over 800, which is why I partitioned. How do I safely (and successfully) clone my hard drive to hers and get everything in that WBFS folder?

    Also, how exactly do I remod the wii without reformatting it when I already have HBC on there?
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    Sorry, but you're gonna have to add all games manually again- there's no way(that I know of) to transfer games from WBFS to Fat32.

    Also, did you even read maiufrog's softmod guide? Just loom through it and you will find where it says something like:"If you have the HBC, follow this quicker and easier tutorial." It will probably be in a spoiler.
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