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Thread: Wii controller problem

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    Wii controller problem

    I followed to faq to softmod any wii on this site step by step I have a black wii running 4.3u. Everything works fine except Only one of my controllers works once I open homebrew all other remotes disconnect and I can't seem to get them reconnected in any games. I read the thread about making sure under the batteries it ends in C0 so its the older remote so I found someone on ebay to sell me those remotes since the working remote I had was a C0 but still no luck only this one remote I have will work.

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    in softmod it has 4.1 downgrade wich is best you didnt do that part so you got a wii joystick problem buy new older model joystick to work i think

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    In the regular system menu, do a regular hard sync.
    Open Wii remote battery compartment - press the red button - lights will blink.
    Open Wii console front door - press the red button - lights will stop blinking on remote.
    You're done, now try it.


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