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Thread: Playing Burned Wii ISO Games with Homebrew?

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    Playing Burned Wii ISO Games with Homebrew?

    Hello everyone wow great site for me looking forward to using this site:-

    I have just installed The Home brew Channel on my Kids WII I can download using The Home Brew Channel and play games for free off there , but I tried to download a ISO ( Battle Ships) burned to a disc put it in Wii still did not recognize it , looked on what I had on Home Brew channel and no APP to load a ISO dISC. So can I only play whatever the Home Brew channel hands down to me for my kids. Or is there a way to play ISO DOWNLOADED games??

    Many Thanks For Any Replies.

    I am looking forward to getting involved on here.

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    This link may help u out, also take a look at the rules afterwards

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    LOL THANKS link very useful got my daughter dancing


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