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Thread: USB Loader GX 3.0 Released

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    USB Loader GX 3.0 Released

    USB Loader GX - v3.0 (r1180)

    Released on 2012/05/12

    Download -

    Changelog -

    Source -

    Been using beta builds for the last couple of months, nice to finally see it released & stable, love the new banner view, great work
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    Thanks GILLY89. I have been using the betas as well, and I gotta say this new GX rocks! Glad it finally got release. There were so many revisions and mods of revisions I was starting to wonder if it would ever be released... big thanks to Dimok for sticking thru it and spending all the time on it that he did!!!!!

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    Awesome, thanks bro

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    Yeah baby! I like it a lot lol.

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    Woohoo! Gotta update tomorrow!

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    Thanks for the news. I'm loving the Channel layout and banners!

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    very nice. i love how you can have all you're NAND files in a separate directory instead of having them at the root of the card. and you can have all your games displayed instead of like how wiiflow have them sectioned off according to the game type

    edit: i am now loving the new grid view. mostly because it uses the grid from my custom system menu theme
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    I usually use CFG Usb loader , But this one is awesome.

    Great Job!!

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    nice job dose it play adventure of tin tin without frezzing after each stage i erased my game sumone try it please and post but looks real good and shows how many games you have on it
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    Nice I am updating right now
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