I'm selling my modded Wii console on eBay. I modded it a long time ago (2006), so I honestly don't remember the exact method I used, but it can play game backups and homebrew. It will have a 2 GB SD card pre-installed with a bunch of homebrew on it, including USB Loader. You just have to attach an external hard drive and you'll be able to play game backups off it. I am including a bunch of hardware peripherals, including 2 Wii Remotes, a Nunchuck, and a GameCube controller. Also including a component AV cable in addition to the stock composite cable so you can get a better picture when hooked up to an HDTV. Here's the eBay link (I obviously can't mention about modding in the eBay description):

Nintendo Wii Console Bundle - 2 Remotes, Nunchuck, Wii Sports, SD Card + More 004549688026 | eBay

There's only about 10 hours left in the auction, so get your bid in! Good luck.