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Thread: Upgrading Old PC Question

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    Upgrading Old PC Question

    Hello All
    I have a question regarding upgrading a computer I just got donated to me.

    It is an Emachines ET1535G
    64 bit processor 4 GB memory stock

    So far I have put in a extra TB HDD and 4 more GB of RAM to 8 total, which is the max
    I want to put in a cheap ($50-75 max) graphics card so I can have a HDMI port and possibly improve my gaming graphics on it a bit

    My question is that the graphics cards come with RAM memory, the one I'm looking at specifically has 1GB. So will this work if my RAM is already maxed out? Or will I have to reduce the ram first?

    On my other better computer it shows the memory that my graphics card added in with my regular memory, that's why I'm concerned. That computer has a max of 16 though not 8

    Thanks a lot
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    RAM on a separate graphics card and "computer RAM" are two different things, so in short the answer to your question is that they will not interfere with each other. They are independent from each other.

    Your other computer more than likely has onboard graphics, not an add on card. Onboard graphics are on your computer's motherboard and share your computer's RAM, which is why you see them combined.

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    All the external graphics card will have separate memory to buffer and even though this memory is displayed as system memory it will not have any effect on the pc's performance.


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