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Thread: Animal Crossing + Wiiconnect24 Issue

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    Animal Crossing + Wiiconnect24 Issue

    Hello all.
    I've been having an issue with Animal Crossing: City Folk using Wiiconnect24. When I don't have it on, I have no issues with the game at all. But when I activated it, I freeze up within the first 10 minutes of playing (Resetti hates me now I'm sure).
    This issue happens with both Neogamma (R9 b56) and Wiiflow (v3.0 Alpha4, r417). Also using d2x (base 56, v9 beta r49).

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    use Configurable USB Loader vs 70 ones you using are kinda crappy.On wiiflow im trying it out to use nando wiiware games to play off usb

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    I have the same issue while using cfg 70r23. And I've yet to use wiiflow to play wiiware games

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    Is there something in that game that needs Wiiconnect24?
    I would just shut it off unless you have some specific reason for having it on since it really doesn't do much for you

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    It's mostly for the DLC, but since my game keeps freezing up, it may be best to just find someone who already has these items.


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