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Thread: Cannot acces System menu 4.3u

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    Cannot acces System menu 4.3u

    Hello every 1

    My girlfriend asked me to jailbreak wii so she could play any games she desire for free!

    But as im not always mess things up

    well anyway i installed homebrew all the programs necessary it seemed to be working but after launching game in game menu/or after few game logos error pops up* disk cannot be readed*

    And the biggest issue came when i turned off and turned back on ! Black screen and was not able to acces it! the only way i can do something is by pressing power button and resset which brings me to those pages* photos below*

    I hope this is not serious please help me

    This is what i get when i try to turn on the wii and this stays forever nothing changes

    and this is the only thing i can acces through power and resset button. aswell homebrew channel

    Also when i try to press System menu same black screen appears as in 1st picture

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    Go into your System menu hacks And Disable The "Force Standard recovery Mode".

    Make sure you Enable Block Disc Updates and Block Online Updates.(Turn these two on)

    By the way your System Menu is 4.3E.
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