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Thread: HELP! Cant load games

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    HELP! Cant load games

    Hey. I need some help regarding loading games I have on my USB drive. When I plug my USB into the wii on any USB loader, my wii freezes): help!

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    Post a system check in the appropriate Thread,Here--->Post Your System Check Here.

    How to Run and post a System Check--->How to Run And Post A System Check

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    You probably need to download d2x-v9-beta. You need to add these files into the folder with the d2xinstaller app. Check the read me file for exact file location. v9 beta has better usb compatability. CFGusbloader and usbloader gx booted fine after the installed d2x v9. I have a toshiba convio 750GB. I installed d2x v9 in 2 spots base 56-ios 248 and base 57-ios247. hope this helps good luck.



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