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Thread: Help with using a Wiimote as a mouse on my PC?

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    Help with using a Wiimote as a mouse on my PC?

    So I've got it set up and detected and everything, and in Wiindows it shows up fine on the IR sensor. But whenever I enable the cursor, my mouse flies to the bottom-right corner of the screen and won't move anywhere else. Am I doing something wrong?

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    The accelerometers in the Wiimote itself just identify the force with which the Wiimote is moving, not really the relation that it's moving to the screen. The IR bar does that for it when connected to the Wii. It calculates the direction it's moving based on the IR leds that are in the Wiimote's "Vision" at any point in time.

    To use it as a gyroscopic mouse, you need to do a little work.

    As that link shows though, you'll need a Motion Plus controller or pack.

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    But why? Haven't these hacks to play FPSs with the wii remote/use it as a cursor existed way before the Wii Motion+ came out?

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    Dunno. Don't care.

    Bottom line is that you need the Wii Motion inputs (which basically just muxes the x/y data so that instead of getting a string of xxxxxx, you get something more like xyxyxy per cycle) in order for it to work smoothly as a mouse. If you use a non-motion plus wiimote, what you'll end up with is more of a boxy cursor movement as it has to relay the x and y data through 2 cycles instead of 1. I'm not a dev though, so the exact method may vary slightly, but you get the point.

    If you would have bothered to read the guide I linked, it explains this for you... but perhaps not as clearly. I'm sure people have done this since before the motion plus stuff, but people also drive around in hoopties. Doesn't really mean it's smooth.

    Perhaps I mis-spoke when I said you "Need" Motion+... But you're going to want it.


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