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Thread: Nintendo's Scumbag Move

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    Nintendo's Scumbag Move

    My Wii is pretty old, so naturally it's been having trouble reading dual-layered discs. Normal discs ran fine though. I decided to send it to Nintendo for repairs and had just gotten it back a couple days ago. I was careless left traces of homebrew on my Wii. And to my dismay when it arrived I got a letter from Nintendo saying that they couldn't fix it because I had soft modded my system. They also said I would have to buy a new Wii because MY MODDING damaged the system. So, being skeptical I popped in my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles and it sounded like it started to read the disc. "They fixed my lens!", I thought, but then the drive stopped and I received the "disc could not be read error". Needless to say, I was pissed, no Wii game I tried to run would work. Not even single layered discs that ran perfectly before. I re-installed the homebrew channel to see if I could bypass whatever Nintendo did to my Wii. Same thing every time, it sounds like it runs correctly, but after 10 seconds or so the drive stops. Any ideas?

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    Hope USB loading works.

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    Thanks, will give it a try.


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