I installed the IOS 236 installer and being a dumbass I clicked 1 at the end and the program labeled me as a pirater and won't let me continue. I know the way to fix this is to play a disk I own. The problem is that my dvd drive is broken. That is the reason I am homebrewing. I am NOT a pirater, but I will not be able to backup or play my own disks without a DVD drive. So I clicked 1 so I would be able to use downloaded games...cause that's all I can use. So if someone could help me get around this, or help me re-install IOS 236 manually that'd be great. Or just help me find the part of the program that identifies me as a pirater so I can delete it. I really need help because I've already replaced the DVD drive, so my wii will literally only work off of a HDD with downloaded games.