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Thread: Unable to successfully run any usb loader (suddenly)

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    Unable to successfully run any usb loader (suddenly)

    I followed the softmod guide on my friend's 4.3u wii and all was well. I had priiloader setup to autoboot wiiflow and it worked great. Today he called me and said it suddenly started restarting itself (wiiflow kept restarting), and then for some reason he was in wad manager. Anyways a while ago I reinstalled everything according to the softmod guide, and the issue remains. All the apps installed w/ the softmod guide attempt to start, but they immediately return to the wii system menu. I am posting my syscheck log and would really appreciate any insight on getting it fixed. Thanks!

    I was having an issue with the line endings so here is a link to the syscheck log: sysCheck #9AY1uiJT -
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    You syscheck looks fine. Are you having issues with any other apps or channels? What about loading it from priiloader, hbc, forwarder channel? Do they all fail? Perhaps try to reinstall the loader.

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