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Thread: What are the uptodate Guides, after using Miufrog guide.

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    Lightbulb What are the uptodate Guides, after using Miufrog guide.

    Hi all,

    So yes what are the most update guides that should go along with Mioufrog tutorial ?

    I am a very new on this hacking things and there is a lot of info and guides and I dont know what to do or what guides to follow,

    For user with a cursed driver that cant read DVD -r .?

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    I read about priiloader on this

    in the "


    I've reformatted my SD since I finished the hack, does this means that my wii is unprotected against bricks?

    I was of the idea that the Priiloader settings would have been saved in the Wii..


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    If you've followed the Any Wii guide, and blocked updates w/ priiloader, that setting is indeed saved. For things to do, you could start by looking in the recommended guides section. The FAQ in my signature is a good introduction.


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    Thanks a lot appreciate it...
    everybody is asleep in the chat..


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