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Thread: Bricked Wii 4.2u need help

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    Bricked Wii 4.2u need help

    I have a softmodded 4.2u wii. After beating Zelda Skward Sword, the game froze during the final cutscene and showed up with an error message. Now whenever I start up the wii it gets to the H&S message and then gives me the "system files corrupt" message. I have access to bootmii on boot2 but nothing else. I restored with my backup nand, reinstalled the system files with wad manager, and a couple other things as well and have had no luck. I didn't have any problems for 2 years and didn't change anything other than update HBC over that time period. I'm assuming that the mod has something to do with the brick, if not is it possibly some other problem? Now I just want to get my Wii working again even if I loose everything. Can anyone help me out?

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    Make a new nand.bin with giantpunes nand.bin formater ohneswanzenger.

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