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Thread: Dolphin or replace my wii

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    Lightbulb Dolphin or replace my wii

    I bricked the Wii that my wife just got for Christmas. She's not happy about it moreso that she lost her saved games than anything. I have offered to buy a new one and all that to make it better but she'll still be without the saved games. I was browsing for ways to unbrick my wii, reflash, etc. and noticed some people talking about dolphin. When I looked into it, I already have everything that would be necessary to set it up, I'm just curious if anyone else has fully ditched the Wii and gone purely emulator. I may be able to crash an emulator but I'll take that to creating another $150 paperweight. How does dolphin compare? Do the games play at normal speed? Does it play WBFS files? I'm going to make a dedicated tower for dolphin if it will replace the wii 100%. Any and all thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    How did you brick your wii... we could prolly help you restore it and you will not have to use dolphin!

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    I posted in the section "BRICKED Wii Issues ONLY", Basically I installed a bad .wad made with CrapV3.3b to make a channel for one of my games that boots using Configurable USB Loader and my hard drive. Did this 20 or so times before, never had a problem. Followed all the precautions when modding, or so I had thought. I never installed priiloader.

    I have the new model of the Wii (RVL-101), no Gamecube backwards compatibility. Most of the quick fixes that I've been able to find require being able to use the GC controller to boot into the rescue menu, also heard it called recovery mode, since I can't hook up a GC controller everyone's said I need to either flash the NAND back to factory or buy a new Wii. I sent a PM to streamlinehd, requesting a price to have the NAND flashed since I do not have the necessary equipment. At the moment, I'm just kinda bummed out... I have bricked so many other electronics in the past and always had a backdoor to revive them and yet the Wii has eluded me.


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