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Thread: Gamecube Multigame Problem

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    Gamecube Multigame Problem

    ok so i have looked all through the web for an answer to this problem so here it goes. i have gamecube backup launcher and neogamma v8 and i can load regular single gamecube games perfectly. but i burnt myself several gamecube multigame disks PERFECTLY i followed every direction perfectly, anyways, when i load the multigame it brings me to the multigame screen and asks me to boot dvd i say yes then it asks me to press a to start the process i press a then it has numpers like (3638492834-OK!) it will do that then it will just bring me back to the screen where it asks me to boot dvd again! i have a fully updatet cMIOS and a fully updated cIOS i dont know whats wrong and i cant get it to work and i know its supposed to list all my games when i press A it just brings me back to the boot dvd screen BTW im at 4.3

    -THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!

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    Did you use Wii Toolkit to burn the multigame disc? I use it and it works perfectly.

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    i use a program called gamecube multigame ISO creator. worked for me everytime

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