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Thread: Wilbrand GUI for Windows

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    Wilbrand GUI for Windows

    (version 1.3)

    Wilbrand is an exploit created by giantpune to replace Letterbomb. Wilbrand was created by giantpune and he has given ModMii the unique privilege of being the first to use and share Wilbrand.

    What this Wilbrand GUI does is that it creates the exploit just by putting the Wii's MAC address, actual date, the System Menu the exploit will be used on, and the Wii's region. A folder called 'private' will be created in the Wilbrand GUI folder.

    Software has 2 timers to avoid problems in moving/delete files in old systems so it seems to be hanged for max 6 seconds (2+4) after "Create Exploit" button press: this is normal.


    - Automatically create \private folder under the same folder Wilbrand GUI.exe is executed.
    - Added controls to avoid non-existant System Menu+Region combination.
    - Automatically get today's date.
    - Use "original" exploit icon got from this original giantpune video:

    Download Wilbrand GUI v1.3
    Source- GBAtemp


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