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Thread: Wii HDD not recognized

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    Wii HDD not recognized

    The Wii was always a bit finicky with this hard drive, but I could usually get it to work by starting the drive first, then turning on the Wii and launching ConfigUSB. It's been a few months since I've hooked it up and now I can't get the Wii to see the drive.

    I get: "Device is not responding."

    I have it plugged into the USB port near the edge, and it's setup to use IOS 248.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hey wiijacker, If you drive has always been (FINICKY) why do you still use it. What RPM is it running ? What speed data transfer do you have ? Is the Thing self powered ie: portable picks it's power from Wii console. How is it formatted ? I may have some advice with a little more info.......Did you Follow a Wiihacks Guide to mod and to setup your HDD.??????
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