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Thread: another black screen problem :(

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    another black screen problem :(

    I do not know what happend, but yesterday when my daughter tried to turn on the wii, it gave us a black screen.

    These are the facts, that maybe can help us find the problem :

    - fact 1 : black screen
    - fact 2 : turning the wii on and pressing reset lets me get into the priiloader menu
    - fact 3 : I can still turn on the wii with the wii-remote
    - fact 4 : on the priiloader menu I can read the following info :
    1) ios v80
    2) systemmenu v514
    3) priiloader v0.4 (r78)

    what can I do next?

    thanx in advance for any help...

    edit : new fact : I was playing around in bootmii and I could load USBloader and play the games on the USB-stick. When I restart the wii now I get a black screen with the version of the wii? (4.3 (eur)
    On another note : my first black screen wasn't a real black screen, because I just got nothing and my television said "no signal input".

    edit 2 : another new fact : I can play games again from the dvd-drive too, but my system menu doesn't boot when there is no dvd in the drive.

    what is going on ?!?
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    On your harddrive (file name: Bliepo.crazy)
    Could you check which hacks are enabled in priiloader? There is a hack which will cause the wii to black screen.
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    yeah, after playing around in the prii-loader I saw that hack, but it's dissabled.

    I almost would think my system menu is corrupted...

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    Disable the hack "force standard recovery menu"
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    and what will happen then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by da_cobra View Post
    and what will happen then?
    It will stop from loading to a Black Screen w/ the 4.3e in the bottom right corner.(If that's the problem)

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    I'll take a look at it thi evening.


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