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Thread: Downgrading problems

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    Downgrading problems

    ok so let me break it down
    my wii was on 3.4e and i downgraded it to 3.2e no problems there everything was working fine.
    i felt like downloading need for speed undercover but no pal versions only ntsc so i thought no problem lets download it and change the region with wiifrii2.0 did that burned it runned backup launcher game loaded up but was black and white so i thought lets just change the consoles region so i burned the game game again but left it how it was as it was already ntsc then i downgraded my wii to 3.2u and thats when the problem started the whole console was in black and white i checked the wires and everything nothing was lose everthing was on.

    can someone please help me i'm really lost i don't know what to do

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    if you looked for like idk 2 mins -,_-, you would know you need IOS 53, and 55

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    No i got all those installed theres nothing wrong with my wads its just went black and white after i changed the firmware

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    try forcing settings, in gecko OS

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    yeh tried that as well i don't know why this is happening

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    if you read the 200 other people who didnt know why and i told them its a Region/TV issue, you would know

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    alright thanks for the tip


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